Director of Photography | Cinematographer for Documentary, Feature Film and Commercial

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Feature Film
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I am Johannes Kaczmarczyk bvk, and a Director of Photography | Cinematographer, based in Berlin and Cologne. With more than 12 years of professional experience I am shooting documentaries, commercials, image films and feature films. The focus of my camera work is primarily films with social and society topics, sustainability and also environmental protection. I see my work as a calling that I work at with passion, curiosity and drive.

I’m diligent in keeping up my own high standards again and again, in every film project – the next one could be yours!


ZDF filming in East Germany during Corona

Despite the restrictions on shooting and traveling due to Coronavirus, I was on the road at Easter for ZDF in Usedom, Brandenburg and on the Polish border, and managed to take in a lot of the atmosphere here. At the German-Polish border, we met two border police officers waiting at a roadblock. They had a large pile of sand in the middle of the street, which was supposed to prevent drivers from crossing into Poland. Shooting on the desterted Heringsdorf beach promenade on Usedom on Easter Sunday was also an incredible experience. The film CORONA-LAND FROM ABOVE, in which several film teams from all over Germany were involved was broadcasted on ZDF in the end of May, 2020.

CHILDESSENCE film teaser online now!

At the end of last year, the filming for one of my newest film projects  CHILDESSENCE took place. This documentary takes the viewer on a journey to families and experts, and thus to new scientific knowledge, experiences and ideas. It shows how formative the first years are for our entire life and what families can do to aid them during this special time.

A teaser can now be viewed online here.

See Project

In the working environment of an agency, tight deadlines, large numbers of assets and spontaneous changes by the customer are part of everyday life. Johannes did not let any of these get in the way of his work – he absorbed himself in the challenges and always accomplished them 100% to my satisfaction and that of our customers. He is the perfect partner in the digital advertising business. I recommend Johannes for any film projects that require visual talent and solid, client-proof project management.


Tobin S. Hecker
Tobin S. Hecker
Director & Creative concepter, TLGG GmbH
Johannes Kaczmarczyk is very reliable and sensitive in working with protagonists and customers. His pictures are very expressive and versatile. He is a very creative, technically accomplished and extremely collegial DoP and Cinematographer, who I would gladly recommend.


Katharina Herrmann
Katharina Herrmann
Director & Managing director, Herrmannfilm

With increasing demands in quality in social media communication, Johannes was the perfect partner for me to implement the kick-off for a large German health insurance company. Johannes has creative ideas, suggestions and, when necessary, pragmatic solutions. I really appreciate his extensive knowledge and fast adaptability in terms of scope, task and framework.


Simon Bölts
Simon Bölts
Senior Communication Manager, Cosmonauts & Kings GmbH

We shot two short videos for our recruitment campaign. The whole experience was great – the setup on the day of the shoot was incredible. Johannes was very good in accommodating all our wishes and made everyone feel very comfortable in front of the camera. Communication was always very quick and changes to the cut prompt were exactly as discussed. I highly recommend working with Johannes


Maximilian Schinke
Maximilian Schinke
Consultant, Chartwell Consulting
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